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Brought To you by Brain Boss & Neuroscience Expert, Patrice Lynn
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ZOOM Meeting

Tues. April 13, 2021

7 pm-8:30 pm CST 

Time in Transition Can Still Be Redeemed!

Challenging times call for us to RISE UP and access ALL the power and authority we have been given as Believers. Bold action destroys anxiety, fear & procrastination. Transform your life as you partner with God for results in your personal and professional life that you have been craving. 
What Brain Boss Is All About:

Your brain is the most powerful supercomputer on the planet. 
The question is, do you know how to use it? 

The high achieving business owners and individuals in the world know a few secrets:

#1. Your brain is a missing piece between achieving what you are worth and not. Most people allow their brain to control them.

#2 Renewing your mind is a science not a guessing game. 
Your life is a connection of thoughts, feelings and actions (habits). These determine your results.

#3. You have up to 90,000 stray thoughts, worries, and events demanding your attention. Which ones bring you what you really want?.

#4. There is a difference between being in charge of your brain & being on autopilot.

At this event I am going to show you exactly how to control your brain so that you can control what you feel, say, think and the results you get (behavior)
  • ​How ANYONE can partner with God to get on a growth path, get a new job, and enhance their life
  •  How to rewrite bad programming and re-program your hidden mind with new software
  • Brain Boss Secrets: The Step By Step Process To Finding Your Life Vision With Brain Boss
  •  Master Procrastination, Fear, Anxiety & Doubt For Good! Brain Boss™ not only eliminates these things in the short term but keeps them at bay for good!
  • ​The Believer's Authority in the Kingdom to Win The Battlefield Of Your Mind
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
  •  It's Being Presented By 'The Brain Boss' endorsed by some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world
  • ​​A Spiritual Approach To Renewing Your Mind For Results (These Strategies Will Actually GIVE you clarity & HELP You Prosper)
  • This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal, It's Only For Those Kingdom-Minded People Who Seriously Want To Explode Their Clarity, Business and Life Satisfaction
  • Neuroscience: Use The Power Of Neuroscience Combined with God's Word To visualize and affirm your desired outcomes with a step-by-step process
  • You'll be given the tools to master your thoughts, actions and behaviors in any area of your life..  
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable— if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think on these things.” Philippians 4:8
Free Seating Is Limited. Act now & you will get $297 worth of bonuses after you attend
Patrice has been mentored by and endorsed by world-renowned entrepreneurs and faith-based leaders.

Patrice cares deeply about people, and represents our 7 Habits of Highly Effective People well. Stephen R. Covey  

Patrice is the key to success, she helps you focus on what you desire, not what you fear. Brian Tracy

Patrice, you are just like me, we both value and admire perseverance! John Maxwell

The brain is Patrice's and my passion. The brain allows us to do things we never thought possible. Tom Bilyeu

Patrice's and I both agree that quantum physics empowers our relationships. Dr. Caroline Leaf

Patrice helps people to rewire their brains, break ingrained habits and create a new reality. Dr. Joe Dispenza

STOP Playing Small and Step Out in Faith  

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"For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” Mark 11:23
Patrice Has Transformed Her Clients Lives All Over The World
"If you get the chance to work with her I highly recommend you do so! My life is different because of Patrice"
"She gave me clarity and the way to structure my book and program. She is awesome!"
"This is a breakthrough and a work of art! She will help you achieve a more fulfilled life"
Dr Celeste Roseberry
"I have written 17 books. My 16th wasn't selling very well. Within the first year of having Patrice's help it sold 2,000 copies. I also got invited to be on a local TV station, podcast and newspaper all thanks to Patrice."
"Patrice helps you achieve what you want to achieve!"
"In less than 5 minutes she gave absolute clarity to where I should be going in my business"
"This is what you need to be successful in life"
"Thoughts, feelings and actions effect us every day. This changes people's lives."
"It's changed my life and my business. I went from 65 customers to over 350 customers that buy monthly!!!"
"Patrice's program is amazing. It will get your mind in the place that it needs to be so you can be successful"
"I would recommend her training to anybody. I have been asked to speak at 8 meetings and without Patrice I wouldn't have been able to deliver properly."
"This training was highly beneficial to tailor my presentations to my audience.
"Patrice Lynn you have impacted my life!!"
"Patrice catapulted my ability to get what I desire"
"Before I knew it, she inspired me to become an ADHD coach and now it is 15 years later and I have inspired so many people!! She got me started on this journey."
"I really recommend Patrice Lynn for anyone looking for success."
"Patrice is incredible!
"Patrice has one of the best skillsets I have seen in my life"
"This is going to help you recharge your brain and your life in a matter of minutes!"
"Patrice helps you to become fearless!"
"She gave us tools and processes and even trained accountants to sell!"
Ready to become your own Brain Boss™, increase your prosperity, and fulfill the purpose for which God has called you?
Would you like to learn alongside someone who really understands the challenges you face in your transition, and how partnering with God is the answer to a life of peace, power and prosperity? 

Patrice Lynn is that person. She was born into a turbulent marriage and her parents divorced when Patrice was 2 years old. A part of her just disappeared and shut down. In her early childhood she was a victim of abuse and neglect. Throughout life she suffered multiple brain injuries via bicycle, trampoline, and skiing accidents. At age 17 Patrice had a near death experience in ICU after a kidney removal surgery. She has moved multiple times, had career ups and downs, in and out of relationships. Patrice understands transition deeply.

Because of the trauma she experienced early on in life, she developed a rare mental health condition, but did not know about this until decades later. In the meantime, she was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Her mental challenges have impacted her relationally, financially, and emotionally, and given her unlimited compassion for others who struggle with these same things. Her faith in God has become a lifeline to help her overcome obstacles, be resilient, and press on to victory.

And what specific habit did Patrice Lynn use to achieve success in business and life? SHE BECAME THE BOSS OF HER BRAIN!!

Patrice discovered the path of personal and professional development and found her life purpose to educate and inspire others to lead a life that will set them free. Patrice has become an award-winning international coach, worked with Fortune 100 companies, captured stages, empowered thousands of business owners and individuals, wrote a bestselling book, and entertained celebrities. She is a veteran in this exciting field and wants to share what she knows with you, too, can live your God-given destiny now! 

Yes, I'm Ready To Be My Own Brain Boss™
Harnessing The Secret Power of Your Brain (that God Gave You) is Kinda Like...
Winning the Battle of Jericho... David Defeating Goliath... Moses Parting the Red Sea
And So Much More...
Who Is This Event For?
Open-Minded Spiritual Men And Women Who Are:
   Faith Based Professionals
Looking to find the extra edge to get noticed by your employer, get a promotion, higher paid job or maybe you want to find a new employer. Brain boss will help you achieve these goals!
   Coaches & Speakers
Get the art and science of presentation performance. Destroy performance anxiety!! Unlock a new level that you don't even know you have by mastering your brain. 
   Kingdom Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs who want to scale their business with strategies that work in 2021. Patrice has unprecedented results with her business clients.
 And YOU!
You want to find your life vision AND achieve it. You need to control your brain to overcome the negative self doubt, little voices in your head and achieve productivity that you didn't even know was possible.
Why Brain Boss™?
 Patrice was In The Top 10% of 1500 Business Coaches Worldwide at ActionCOACH Business Coaching
 Professionally Certified Coach with over 5,000 Hours of One-on-One Coaching  
 Bestselling Author of RISE to Success -The Secret Power of Your Brain to Change Your Life
 Use your spiritual heart “Image-Maker” to re-energize goals in a new way
 Access a high performance state of flow… defeating procrastination daily!
 Use your right brain “Image-Maker” to re-energize goals in a new way
 Replace hidden excuses and barriers that hinder your success with a new voice
Here are a few more results that Patrice has achieved for her clients with her Brain Boss™method:
 Coaching and training significantly increased sales in a steel company.
 Coached a  Magazine Publisher to double company sales in just 2 months.
 Increased employee morale, customer retention and productivity at a massage business.
 Taking a spa business from almost out of business to increasing sales by 15%
 Engineer achieved dream of inventing and manufacturing environmental tool in China. He had this dream for 20 years, and Brain Boss made it a reality
 Patrice traveled to 10 cities over a 6-month period to present, recruit, and train over 200 new salespeople and 3 trainers as part of a successful push to increase sales 50% nationwide.
 Mindset and focus coaching enabled presenter to 5,000 people at a conference complete the preparation in one afternoon versus 3-4 weeks, saving time, moving through blocks and improving her final performance.
 Psychiatric nurse practitioner finds her Life Vision  to become an ADHD Coach. She went on to start her own successful international ADHD Coaching School.
 With the RISE to Success/Brain Boss a business owner exploded his business; increased customers from 65 to over 350 regular customers per month. He feels in control and it has changed his life.
 PhD speech pathology professor sold 2,000 books her first year using RISE to Success/Brain Boss.
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Date & Time
April 13, 2021 Masterclass 
Starts 7 pm  CST

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